SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Solutions

We can provide your personnel with the benefits of shared and easy access to your company’s business policies, processes and management information.

Implement a collaborative approach to manage information and documents across all of your business units and improve your organization’s effectiveness, efficiency and profitability.

Our SharePoint Solutions are the answer

Get more out of your information

Our SharePoint Solutions help you make better-informed decisions through centralized access to information and improved abilities to locate relevant content and manage the storage, security and distribution of electronic content. With SharePoint, you have the ability to deploy KPI dashboards to provide management with real time access to the information needed to focus their activities. These can be tailored to your business and can combine information from disparate applications and system. We’ve built dashboards that contain financial, operational, productivity and safety information.

Streamline your business processes

Designed and implemented correctly, SharePoint will optimize the way people, content, and processes interact within and across your organization. You can design workflows to automate your company’s standard business processes, making tracking and reporting easy and flexible. You gain efficiency through automation of things like – business process initiation, document review and approval, personnel or equipment requisition approval, among others. You can also quickly create workflows to help manage routine project processes, such as creating and assigning tasks or sending notifications.

Simplify the way people work together

Our SharePoint Solutions allow you to take advantage of workflows to automate and gain more visibility into common business activities such as document review and approval, issue tracking, and signature collection; focus on strategic, value-added tasks instead of redundant activities; improve and extend team collaboration; enhance your relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers by making forms-based business processes easily accessible to them, even if they haven’t installed client software; see how policy integration with familiar client applications makes compliance transparent and easy for employees.

Let our SharePoint Solutions:

  • Simplify everyday business processes to enhance employee productivity
  • Provide management with real-time access to key performance indicator dashboards
  • Simplify your organization’s access to both structured and unstructured information across disparate business applications
  • Automate, simplify and accelerate your business processes across organizational boundaries
  • Give your staff access to shared business data without divulging sensitive information
  • Help you manage and comply with your business’ regulatory requirements through comprehensive content control and management
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