Messaging and Collaboration Solutions

Messaging and Collaboration Solutions

Messaging and collaboration are bigger than just email. Empower your employees and increase productivity

Add a collaborative tool to improve effectiveness, and ultimately net profits.

Our Messaging and Collaboration Solutions are the answer

Messaging has become much bigger than just electronic mail. Real-time collaboration and presence products allow you to see where your team is and what they’re doing, to share information across physical boundaries, and to communicate in real time. Tools like Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced and Microsoft Lync deliver a level of communication that makes your business stronger.

Integration with your phone system

Integrating your phone system with your messaging platform raises the bar even higher. See when key team members are on the phone so you can ensure they’re available before you even call. Reroute incoming calls from your desk to your assistant to your cell phone at the touch of a button in an app.

As a provider of both telecommunications and information systems, Alerio Technology Group can deliver the very highest levels of integration that make messaging a truly transformative tool.

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