IT Assessment and Planning Services

IT Assessment and Planning Services

Comprehensive IT assessment and planning will help you better understand your current state of technology and prepare your organization for future needs and growth

A well-designed technology plan can help your organization achieve its mission. Our effective, systematic approach to helping you envision your technology goals, determine your current technology reality, create your technology plan, and prioritize and implement change will help reduce your organization’s technology costs while improving efficiency.

Our IT Assessment and Planning Services for your business is the answer

Envision your Organization’s Technology Goals

Because your technology plan will become a detailed, written document that connects your organization’s current use and future needs of technology to achieve your organization’s mission, it is critical to begin this planning activity with your Mission Statement and Services. This Statement will be included in your Technology Plan and will act as your compass when moving forward with Technology.

Assess your Current Technology

We begin our technology assessment with a complete inventory of your environment, including all hardware, software, connectivity and peripherals. Our inventory also includes communication and premise security equipment that may have network demands. From this beginning, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the technology required to meet your goals.

Assess Internal Practices

We will help you assess your organization’s current internal policies and procedures in the areas of technology training, security and disaster recovery. Taking the next step, Alerio reviews your business processes to ensure the technology is aligned with your business needs.

Create your Technology Plan

We will utilize the information gathered during the assessment process to design a comprehensive technology plan that will take your organization from its current operating reality to one well-matched to your business objectives. Your technology plan will address the following areas:

  • Identify Immediate (Critical) Needs
  • Review Hardware Fault-Tolerance Strategy (Servers and Mission-Critical Workstations and Devices)
  • Review Data Fault-Tolerance Strategy (Backup, Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam, Anti-Spyware, Critical Updates, Power Conditioning)
  • Recommend Efficiency Improvements/Cost-Reducing Strategies
  • Prepare End-Of-Life Equipment Upgrade/Replacement Plan
  • Implement a Scheduled Maintenance Program
  • Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Prioritize Technology Improvements in Phases
  • Implement Change
  • Evaluate and Revise
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