Email Messaging and Archiving

Email Messaging and Archiving

How Critical is Email to Your Business?

Electronic mail is often taken for granted until it’s down, or until desperately needed messages cannot be found. Many vendors address email with a one-size-fits-all mentality. The right solution for your business may be an on-premise mail server, a public cloud solution, a private cloud solution, or something in the middle. Alerio Technology Group can create a mail solution that’s right for you.

On Premise Email

Whether for cost or privacy reasons, an on-premise mail server is still the right choice for many businesses. Our team has experience deploying and maintaining mail servers in your offices, including the ability to monitor and maintain that server from our technical operations center.

Public Cloud Email

Whether Office 365, a national provider, or a local one, public cloud based email provides many advantages for businesses. But successfully deploying and maintaining a cloud email solution requires some technical expertise. Alerio Technology Group can work with your team and your cloud service provider to develop an email solution that truly works for your business.

Private Cloud Email

Many of our customers have expressed a desire not to own expensive server systems, but are reluctant or prevented from placing all of their sensitive email communication into the hands of a cloud service provider. Alerio Hosted Email is a compromise between the two. All of the benefits of a cloud email solution, but more flexibility in terms of understanding where and how your data is stored, and who has access to it.

Why Alerio Hosted Email?

  • No need to own, maintain, repair and replace expensive server hardware.
  • No confusing software licensing requirements to track.
  • No need to worry about capacity issues.
  • Best-in-class anti-spam and anti-malware.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 expert monitoring and response.
  • Support and management from our Technical Operations Center.

Message Archiving and Compliance

Is email mission critical to your business? Could finding an old email message be the difference between winning and losing a critical law suit or regulatory investigation? Most email solutions rely on employees not to make bad decisions between what should be deleted and what should be saved. Alerio can deploy message archiving solutions that ensure critical messages can be found when you need them most.

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