Oil and Gas Technology

Oil and Gas Technology

Oil and Gas service companies operate in a volatile industry with industry that demands a laser focus on margins and constant awareness of safety.

Alerio is helping service companies become more efficient in the order to billing cycle, providing real-time access to operational, financial and safety performance information.

Streamline your business processes

Every business is challenged to reduce the order to billing time cycle. Alerio’s remote time capture solutions help you take days or weeks out of the process. Our approach integrates technology with ERP and business processes, enabling you to enter data onetime at the service event flowing automatically into your financial systems, reports and dashboards. With today’s technology there is no need to touch or manipulate data more than once. This streamlined process improves data and information integrity, and most importantly…gets you paid more quickly.

How do you know you’re safe?

Safety performance in the oil and gas services industry is not only important for life safety but also for business viability. If you’re not safe, then you’re not in business. Conducting safety audits, and tracking and managing incidents are the minimum bar, but they are reactive steps. Alerio has developed predictive tools that provides you a risk assessment of the managers and staff performing your projects based on their historical performance. Enabling you to deploy more effective teams and focus your training efforts – ultimately making your company more marketable and financially sound.

Get more out of your information

Our business information solutions help you make informed decisions through centralized access and improved abilities to locate relevant content. We can help deploy KPI dashboards with predictive metrics to provide managers with real time access to the information needed to focus their activities, enabling you to drill down and perform more effective root cause analysis. These can be tailored to your business and can combine information from disparate applications and systems. We build dashboards that contain financial, operational, productivity and employee level safety information.

Our Safety Application and Information Solutions can:

  • Enable you to electronically conduct job safety audits – tying them to individual service events, projects and personnel
  • Help you capture and evaluate Hazard Intercepts
  • Connect your management with real-time notification of safety incidents.
  • Automate, simplify and accelerate your business processes across organizational boundaries
  • Help you manage and comply with your business’ regulatory requirements through comprehensive content control and management.
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